Balgowan Running Club will help you get fit and stay healthy!

About Us

We are a local running group dedicated to running a bit and socialising a bit. We are based in Balgowan Perthshire and are made up of friends and neighbours. The group was formed in a moment of madness shortly after the bells on the 1st of Jan 2014.


Ready to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and lose some of those Christmas pounds? Why not join us on Thursday evening at 7:30pm for a 5k run (we may do more as the days get longer).

You can contact us here.

Our Vision

We aim to build a running group that can support each other in whatever their own goals might be. Hope to see you soon!


The first rule is always talk about running club. It helps motivate each other and build the community

The second rule is you can wear whatever you like and no one will tell you otherwise (Rhona).